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General terms and conditions
of the boat guesthouse "LUISE"
Our business conditions apply to the renting of rooms for accommodation purposes only in the boat guesthouse "Luise" as well as for all granted deliveries and given services.

“the Contract” means the contract made between the customer and guesthouse management.

A contract will exist once a reservation has been received from the customer and a booking confirmation has been issued by the guesthouse management.

For further renting-out of rooms to a third party the customer must obtain written approval from the guesthouse management.

When a room is booked by a third party they will assume all responsibilities under the contract conditions and should hold a declaration to this effect from the customer.

Room Check-in

Reserved rooms are available to the customer by 15.00 hrs on the day of scheduled arrival.

Any earlier arrival must be agreed to by the guesthouse-management.

Check-in of the customer should not be later than 18.00 hrs. In the case of later arrival the guesthouse-management must be informed and asked to hold the room for the expected customer.

For arrivals after 23.00 hrs there is a surcharge of € 10.00.

Services, Prices and Payment

Laundry and final cleaning are included in the price. In-between cleaning must be arranged and agreed with the guesthouse-management.

The guesthouse agrees to supply the rooms and any additional services as stated in the booking reservation and confirmation.

The customer agrees to pay the quoted contract price for renting a room and any additional payments for further services as taken.

The price may be changed by the guesthouse-management should the customer alter the confirmed booking.

All bills issued without due date are payable within 7 days of issue without any deduction of the price.


- up to 2 days before arrival without charge.
- then all costs incurred due.

If the customer wishes to dispute the cancellation fees incurred the customer will be asked to provide actual proof that the financial damage to the guesthouse has been less than the demanded cancellation-fee.

Cancellation by the Guesthouse Management

The guesthouse management has a full right to cancel the contract if payment has not been received in line with the terms of the contract and undertakes to inform the customer immediately in these circumstances.

The customer shall not receive any redemption-money when the guesthouse-management chooses to cancel the contract within the terms stated in the contract conditions.

All arrangements are based on individually discussed conditions.

Should a guest ignore our non-smoking rule and smoke in the room, on the floors, on the balconies or in the bath-rooms and toiletts, or leave extinguished or still burning smoking-material in the bins, we will charge the double fee for accommodation.

The German Law applies.

Legal domicile and judicial district is Potsdam.

Date 01.01.2012